Pickling lines

We know (almost) all about pickling. Pickling equipment design, manufacture and delivery are our strengths.

Pickling belong to the most important processes for the pre-treatment of the metal surface. Pickling is the basic process of the chemical treatment of the surface and it has an ultimate influence on the final quality of the surface.

EKOMOR delivers complex solutions and turnkey lines for the pickling of the wide range of metal materials.

Our lines are able to pickle reliably:

  • carbon steel,
  • stainless steel,
  • non-ferrous metals – copper, brass, and others,
  • special materials – for example titanium and others.

Our lines process various type of the semi-products:

  • wire rod,
  • tubes,
  • sheet metal, plates,
  • strip,
  • various profiles, piece-goods.

The unique process-equipment we deliver is the pickling of the stainless steel and alloys in the reducing salt bath of NaOH with the active agent – sodium hydride. This technology enables to process materials, by which the standard pickling is very difficult, or even impossible. This technology reduces the process-time of the pickling and has significant environmental benefits.

The agent, in which the material is processed, is sold under the brand name of Feropur by the exclusive producer – Bochemie Co. In close cooperation with this company we are the only one in the world, who delivers this technology.

Our lines were delivered in the last 20 years of our history work over the world – some of the references – see HERE.

We at EKOMOR work also intensively on the R & D projects of the new processes and process-equipments – some of our results see also Technical library.