We offer following portfolio of components and parts:

Products from metal:

  • welded process tanks, storage tanks, incl. rubber coated tanks, or tanks made of stainless steel,
  • dryers, furnace with gas of electric heating for salt baths, incl. measuring and regulation system,
  • manufacture of steel constructions,
  • transport systems for automatic lines, incl. lifting devices (C-hooks, etc.).

Products from plastics:

  • tanks, storage tanks, process tanks, storage and collecting sumps of various shapes and dimensions,
  • complex pipeline system, incl. double walled pipes („tube inside tube“),
  • equipment for the air exhausting and air-transport, pipelines, chimneys, regulation elements, fittings,
  • scrubbers, demisters,
  • plastic fans of FM2 and FM3 series,
  • plastic parts of the industrial waste water cleaning units.