The importance of pickling  in the metal processing industry lies mainly in the fact, that during the production the surface of metal shall be pickled at least once (but often more times): the rule is, that the surface must be pickled after forming process (rolling, drawing), after heat treatment, after welding. Pickling is necessary also after long storage (due to possible corrosion), if the surface is to be further phosphated, electroplated, galvanized, conservated or refined by other processes.

Pickling process of metals is thus the most widespread process of the surface treatment – some estimations say that about 70% of the all steel produced in the world is during its production at least once pickled. By pickling we remove the undesirable scale and products of corrosion (rust) from the metal surface – on this surface acts a liquid(solution or melted) containing the active agent, which reacts with the oxides or hydroxides of metals on the surface.

EKOMOR´s customers contact us with the task to design the tailored equipment for the surface treatment of:

  • mix of metal materials of various grades and compositions, incl. very special materials (special alloys, nonferrous metals, etc.)
  • stated condition of the surface on the input,
  • specified amount of the material to be processed per year,
  • required environmental parameters of the entire equipment.

EKOMOR designs the optimal option of the suitable solutions of the production technology:

  • optimal sequence of the process steps to cover the necessary treatment of the whole mix of grades to be processed,
  • the line performance is always optimized using special software to fulfill the required capacity in the optimal mode,
  • making the project plan, drawings and other documents necessary for the approval by the relevant authorities,
  • environmental parameters of the equipment are based on the design of the waste water treatment unit, exhausting system and by other parts of the line.

EKOMOR offers technological design and delivery of the the equipment for pickling of:

  • carbon steels,
  • alloy steels, stainless steels, special alloys,
  • non-ferrous metals,
  • special metals (titanium, tantalum, hafnium, etc.)


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