Choice from other delivered equipments:

  • Válcovny plechu FM,(now ArcelorMittal), Frydek-Mistek, Czech Republic – design of the neutralization station,
  • Fagersta, AB, Sweden – scrubber,
  • Einhäupl GmbH, Weiden, Germany – delivery of 11 pieces of big tanks for chemical pre-treatment in galvanizing plant,
  • AvestaPolarit Langshyttan, Sweden – delivery of special NOx-Scrubber,
  • JAKL Karviná, Czech Republic – phosphating line for tubes,
  • Sandvik, AB, Sweden – scrubbers for NOx capture,
  • Sandvik, AB, Sweden – machines for the electropolishing of tubes from stainless steel,
  • ArcelorMittal, Frydek-Mistek, Czech Republic – washing machine in thermo-straightening line,
  • Bochemie, a.s., Bohumín, Czech Republic – melting tank for sodium hydroxide,
  • Severstal Metiz, Volgograd, Russian Federation, – large neutralization unit,
  • AERO Vodochody, Czech Republic – neutralization unit with reduction of Chromium,
  • ArcelorMittal Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia – phosphating line for ends of tubes,
  • Tochinvest Zink, Rjazan, Russian Federation – flux regeneration unit for galvanizing plant,
  • M&Technology, Dobruška, Czech Republic – combined electroplating line – chromium, nickel,
  • ZM Silesia, S.A., Katowice, Poland – pickling and phosphating line of strip from titanium-zinc,
  • Christeyns, Odry, Czech Republic – equipment for mixing of liquid industrial washing agents.