The basic principle of galvanizing process comprises in the creating of the alloy coating of zinc on the steel parts by their immersion in a zinc melt.

Although the hot dip galvanizing is a very traditional process and its principle is not very complicated, it requires to comply with the conditions of the cleanness of the surface inputting into the zinc furnace. The crucial conditions to obtain a perfect quality of the final surface are:

  • the surface has to be perfectly degreased,
  • all scale. oxides and corrosion product must be removed from the surface by pickling,
  • the surface has to be activated,
  • by coating the surface with flux the perfect wettability of surface is to be reached.

The highest percentage of the galvanized steel is processed in the commercial batch galvanizing plants.

EKOMOR delivered a lot of such a plants – references see HERE

For some mass products (wire rod, steel strip) the continuous galvanizing process is used. EKOMOR has also in its references several plants of this type – see HERE

Centrifuge galvanizing is used for small parts and this technology often is an additional equipment to the standard plant.