Company Profile

Who we are:

EKOMOR is an engineering and fabrication company, dedicated to design and deliver technological solutions and turnkey deliveries in the branch of metal surface treatment. In the field of pickling and chemical treatment of the surface we are at the forefront of the industry. We innovate continuously our products through our R&D activities, which are the integral part of our life.

Milestones in our history:

  • 1993 – company founded by several experts from the branch,
  • 1994 – first big delivery – equipment for the Hot-Dip galvanizing plant for Promptus Co. Decin – Czech Republic,
  • 1996 – first big export job – delivery of the pickling line with reducing salt bath for BGH Edelstahl, Germany,
  • 1999 – first job outside Europe – pickling line for Talley Metals Technology, U.S.A.
  • 2001 – first certification of the quality management system acc. to ISO 9001,
  • 2002 – first big job in Asia – pre-treatment line for wire-rod pickling, Changwon Specialty Steel, South Korea,
  • 2006 – delivery of until then the largest wire rod pickling line for Viraj Profiles, India,
  • 2010 – construction of the new floor of our main building for the new design department, new software, computers, server technology, database system,
  • 2016 –assembly and finishing of the largest project up to now – new plant for the wire rod surface treatment – for BGH Edelstahl, Germany.

What we are good at:

Design and projection – our team of project engineers and designers have very good education, rich experiences, uses up-to-date software for 3D modeling, technical drawings, for strength calculations and analysis, huge expertise database.

Chemical technological processes – our chemical engineers work on the design and optimization of the technological solutions for our equipment, they work intensively on the R&D projects.

Manufacture – we use up-to-date technology for welding of metals, welding of plastics, machining, assembly works. We can manufacture, assemble and get going large investment goods – all worldwide.

Project management – our project managers can make planning and controlling of the large investment projects for turnkey deliveries of equipment – over the world.