Galvanizing is a classic, traditional process of producing the protective layer on the surface of the metal products, and thus protecting them against corrosion. Up-to-date galvanizing equipment enables to galvanize outer or inner surfaces of complex shapes.

The basic principle of the galvanizing is not very complicated: steel parts go first through the chemical pre-treatment, they are degreased, pickled and rinsed. Quality of this pre-treatment process has a major impact on the quality of the final surface. The parts are then coated by the flux layer, this layer is dried, and the parts are immersed into the bath of molten zinc. The final diffused multilayer Fe-Zn coating is finally produced by the reaction of the steel surface and molten zinc.

EKOMOR offers

  • solutions, design of the galvanizing plant, consultancy and project planning,
  • delivery of the complex equipment for the hot dip galvanizing,
  • solutions with various degrees of the automation,
  • assistance during the start of the production,
  • premium service and maintenance support,
  • reconstruction and retrofitting of the old plants.

We have experiences and references from the supply of the hot-dip galvanizing plants for the processing of:

  • piece goods through batch process,
  • small parts galvanized in drums,
  • mass products – steel wire and strip, in the continuous process.

We are active members of the Association of Czech and Slovak galvanizing, our managers are members of the Boards of this association.

Our plants work worldwide, references see HERE.